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City Stripa have a fantastic
dip-stripping process.

Paint Stripping Service in Masterton

Dip n Strip Service

Stage one:

Using a chemically hot ingredient that is kept at a ambient temperature at about 65 degrees, similar to the products that you would buy in any paint-stripper you buy from the local home improvement store except ours is made by our own chemist and is in a concentrated form. This process will remove, polyurethane, varnish, latex and ( lead-based ) enamel paints.

Stage two:

The second step uses a chemically cold treatment that is not available to the do-it-your-selfer, heated to 100-130 deg Fahrenheit. This process is designed to remove primers, stains and most paints.

Stage three:

The third step also uses a chemically cold ingredient heated to 100-130 deg Fahrenheit. This process is designed as a neutralizer, terminating the chemical process and also acts as a colour- control, to the final finish.

Please note, It is important for us to have as much information about the job at hand and what you are doing so that we are able to have a better understanding on what type of finish you are expecting back from us.

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