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Terms & Conditions

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and conditions of service.

Paint Stripping Service in Masterton

Due to the nature of this industry any items sent are sent at the customers own risk against any type of damage whether in transit or throughout the stripping process, though we do strive to do our best and have done for many years.

City Strippers Restoration

  1. Cannot guarantee the removal of stains
  2. Any glass left in doors or furniture is done so at the customers risk.
  3. Any door hardware or furniture hardware is left on at the customers own risk against loss or damage.
  4. As wood is an organic product and porous in nature and whilst every effort is made to stop any shrinking, bowing or distortion we cannot guarantee this will not happen. It is a very rare accurance.
  5. Please inform us of any value in the item if known, as we may recommend a diferant process.
  6. This includes such products coated in acrylic, water based and some polyurethane

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